ISIL sought militants to recruit, make heavy weapons in Ankara: Report

ISIL sought militants to recruit, make heavy weapons in Ankara: Report

ISIL sought militants to recruit, make heavy weapons in Ankara: Report Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants sought people to recruit to the organization in the villages around the Turkish capital of Ankara, according to an informatory note sent by police to the Ankara Fourth Heavy Penal Court. The militants also looked for someone to join the jihadists in order to make heavy weapons, such as mortar shells, according to the note. 

The 22-page note sent by Ankara police regarding a case against al-Qaeda which concerns a total of 26 suspects, said a significant portion of the suspects were fighting alongside ISIL militants in Syria. 

According to the note, which described the activities of the 26 suspects until 2014, one of the militants was arrested over his links to an al-Qaeda-affiliated group in 2010 and carried out propaganda activities on behalf of ISIL after being released. 

Osman Çolakoğlu, codenamed “Ebu Muhammet Saykan,” was arrested on Jan. 16, 2010, and organized meetings and disseminated propaganda in the Çubuk and Çamlıdere villages of Ankara upon being freed. He reportedly went to Syria often and his last trip was on Sept. 17, 2013, after which he didn’t return to Turkey. 

Another suspect, Oğuzhan Gözlemecioğlu, attempted to recruit militants for the jihadists in Ankara, as well as organizing meetings. He provided ISIL with transfer services and was one of couriers of the group, according to the note. He went to Syria on May 25, 2013, with his family. 

ISIL also looked for experts to make heavy weapons in Ankara. Burak Musab Güler searched for someone who could make mortars, the note said. He also provided guidance to the militants going to Syria or arriving in Turkey. 

According to the police’s informatory note, several militants sold objects they had illegally obtained in Syria in Ankara. Mustafa Canöz, codenamed “Uveyş,” and Zeki Sancaktaroğlu, codenamed “Musab-Halit,” sold computers and phones in order to send money to the jihadists. 

Another suspect, Halil İbrahim Gözlemecioğlu, went to Syria in December 2013, the note also said.