Iranian-style bridal dresses in Istanbul

Iranian-style bridal dresses in Istanbul

ISTANBUL - Anatolia News Agency
Iranian-style bridal dresses in Istanbul

Iranian fashion designer Soheil Abbasi (R) displays his collection at the fair.

Reminding the world that traditional Islamic headscarves can be fashionable, the Headscarf Fair brings the best of Muslim fashions to the Istanbul Fair Center on Sept, 13.

Iranian fashion designer Soheil Abbasi, who presented his bridal dresses at the fair, said it was very exciting to make designs in Iran. He said that by using traditional Iranian elements, he promoted the culture of the country to the world. Abbasi produces his designs with a special technique that takes only an hour and wants to introduce the technique to the world.

Abbasi said he attached special important to a bride’s comfort and his designs did not require any special lingerie.

According to Abbasi, Turkish women are too chic in successfully combining dresses. Iranian and Turkish culture are too close to each other and elements of both cultures fused together can be seen in trends in wedding decorations, architecture and accessories as well as dress designs.

“The headscarf wearing women I see in Turkey are not as fashionable as the women in Iran. This may be because of limited alternatives. Women, who do not wear the headscarf are really fashionable [in Turkey],” he said.

Abbasi has been recently preparing men’s fashion designs for a Turkish company.

The fair will feature participating companies representing their spring and summer creations with a special stand to promote Iranian culture and designs. It will close Sunday.