International law symposium begins in Istanbul

International law symposium begins in Istanbul

ISTANBUL-Anadolu Agency
International law symposium begins in Istanbul

Legal academics and experts from around the world have gathered in Istanbul for a two-day international law symposium that kicked off on Oct. 23.

“There are certain core values in the world, of which justice is the most important,” said Mahmut Ak, rector of Istanbul University, in his address at the Advocacy in Global Legal Systems conference being hosted by the Istanbul Bar Association No. 2.

The concept of justice is “very important for societies and humans to coexist,” he said, adding that increasing interaction among societies “means justice is not a sole individual thing.”

Participants from Turkey, Iraq, Malaysia, Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, the U.K., Russia, and the U.S. will share their views on various legal issues at the conference.

“Certain needs have emerged with the increase in population and certain professions have become obligatory, among which is attorneyship to defend rights of other people,” Ak said.

However, he asserted, this right “should not be given to the wrong people.”

“Lawyers are also facing many problems and this international symposium will explore these problems and try to provide solutions,” he added.

Yasin Şamlı, head of the Istanbul Bar Association No. 2, said the “world has become our neighborhood” due to globalization and enhanced communication tools and networks.

“If there is any kind of violation of rights, we get to know about it fast and can also be affected by it,” he said.

“Our main objective is to ensure justice. Throughout our history, we have always wanted to safeguard justice, which is why there is a need for powerful advocacy.”

He emphasized the need for good human resources to ensure the delivery of justice.

“The human factor is most important to protect the ideals of justice, which means the education of lawyers is of crucial importance,” said Şamlı.

To this end, he added, the Istanbul Bar Association No. 2 has set up several centers that have professors and professionals from around the world.​​​​​​​