Illegal ivory pieces seized in Istanbul

Illegal ivory pieces seized in Istanbul

ISTANBUL - Doğan News Agency
Illegal ivory pieces seized in Istanbul

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The Istanbul Police Department’s Financial Crime Division has confiscated ivory that was sent from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Turkey through Europe. The police confiscated 635 cylindrically cut ivory pieces of different sizes and detained one person.

It was reported as the first time ivory was found in Istanbul. Cooperating with the Department of Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime, the Financial Crime Division revealed that the ivory was sent to a manufacturing shop in Fatih district. When it received notice, the division units immediately raided the shop, which manufactures ornaments and beads. During the raid, the ivory was found.

The smugglers in Congo reportedly painted the ivory red and exported it as rosewood.

The detained person was sent to Istanbul’s Çağlayan Courthouse after the proceedings at the Istanbul Police Department.

While there are certain measures to limit elephant hunting for ivory, especially in the Southeastern Asia and Africa, ivory can be imported with special authorization in Turkey.