Hittite civilization discussed at congress

Hittite civilization discussed at congress

ÇORUM – Anadolu Agency
Hittite civilization discussed at congress

The congress is held every three years, creating a space for the discussion of the Hittite and Anatolian civilizations.

The Ninth International Hittitology Congress, organized by Hitit University in the province of Çorum, began on Sept. 1 with 196 academics from 23 countries participating.

The congress is held every three years, creating a space for the discussion of the Hittite and Anatolian civilizations. The first congress was held in Çorum in 1990.

In his opening speech, Çorum Governor Sabri Başköy stated the Hittite civilization was tied to Çorum, home to many civilizations throughout its history.

“Archaeological works have continued for many years in five different locations in Çorum, including the ancient sites of Hattusha, Alacahöyük, Şapinuva, Eskiyapar and Resuloğlu. We, as the governor’s office, visit the excavation areas and make the necessary contributions,” he said. He added that the excavation areas have seen many changes since the last conference held in Çorum.

The mayor said excavations each year revealed new archaeological data or new artifacts, which will be discussed during the conference. “This makes us very excited, as well as the excavation teams. We organize a workshop every year at the end of the excavation season to discuss the new findings and other scientific data,” he said. “I believe this congress will be a very productive one.”

Sympathy for the Hittites

The Cultural Heritage and Museums’ Deputy General Director Zülküf Yılmaz said Turkish society held sympathy and love for the Hittites.

“This is a civilization in which many innovations were made in history. We see the Hittites in Anatolia from 1700-1800 B.C. We know they came to Anatolia and associated with the local public, without causing any fights or wars; they approached Anatolian values with great respect and made investments there. The Hittites contributed to the development of many things on this land and they made the first great treaties and contracts,” Yılmaz said.

Hittitology Congress Chair Professor Ayşegül Süel said academics from various countries have come together in the congress to share scientific data on the Hittite civilization. She said Çorum had so far hosted the Hittite Congress five times.

“These congresses are eagerly awaited by all academics working in this field,” she said. “It is a civilization we should admire due to its administrative structure, law, religion, architecture and women’s rights. The international treaties signed by the Hittite state became a model for the world.”

The congress will continue until Sept. 7. Participating academics are from countries such as Germany, Italy, the United States, England, Russia, France, Japan, the Netherlands, Argentina, Spain and Israel. Some 36 sessions will be held in English, and the presentations will be gathered in a book after the congress ends.