Historical patisserie closed down amid protests

Historical patisserie closed down amid protests

Historical patisserie closed down amid protests

Municipal officials carry away materials that belong to İnci patisserie.

A historical patisserie in Istanbul was evicted on Dec. 7 after its tenants lost their legal appeal against the firm contracted to transform the Cercle d’Orient complex, of which the patisserie is a part, into a shopping mall.

Kamer İnşaat, the firm contracted to renovate the Cercle d’Orient, which also hosts the famous Emek Cinema, had filed a suit against İnci Patisserie to force its eviction. The owners of the patisserie took the case to the Supreme Court of Appeals, which subsequently confirmed the legality of the evacuation order.

Protestor detained by police

The patisserie, which first opened 68 years ago, was finally evacuated on Dec.7 amid protests. During the protests one demonstrator was detained by the police.

Speaking to members of the press during the evacuation, Musa Ateş, the business administrator of the patisserie who started working there in 1960 when he was 12 years old, said he was sad that he could not make his voice heard by state officials.

“I apologize here to you, because İnci Patisserie’s closing harms the customers who made it what it is. Those who give a cold shoulder to public opinion should be ashamed of themselves,” he said.