HDP’s Demirtaş assures Bahçeli: There is already a massacre in Nusaybin

HDP’s Demirtaş assures Bahçeli: There is already a massacre in Nusaybin

HDP’s Demirtaş assures Bahçeli: There is already a massacre in Nusaybin

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Turkey’s nationalist opposition leader’s public call on Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu to “level” a southeastern district “to the ground” as part of ongoing security operations against militants of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party has infuriated a co-leader of the Kurdish problem-focused Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) who responded to the opposition leader by saying, “There is already a massacre being committed.”

“The fake nationalist party has become more pro-AKP [the Justice and Development Party] than the AKP since June 7,” HDP co-leader Selahattin Demirtaş said on April 5, referring to the parliamentary elections held on June 7. 

 After the June 7 results didn’t produce a single-party government and coalition talks failed, snap elections were held on Nov. 1, 2015, bringing the AKP to power as a single-party government yet again.

“Every Tuesday, the AKP holds parliamentary group meetings. It is waste of labor and time. In my opinion, you should not waste this time. MHP-AKP group meetings should from now on be held as a single meeting. It would be enough if Bahçeli nods his head by just standing by him, when Davutoğlu speaks,” Demirtaş said, speaking at a parliamentary group meeting of his party, hours after Bahçeli’s address to his own parliamentary group.

“Mr. Prime Minister, here is my advice to you: Make a call to our citizens who have been living in Nusaybin [a district in the southeastern province of Mardin] and other provinces and districts where operations are ongoing. Grant them three days and take them to secure places by ensuring that they evacuate the cities,” Bahçeli had said.

According to Demirtaş, Bahçeli made an open call for a “massacre” in Nusaybin.

“Having been worried over losing his seat, the fake Chinese-produced nationalist has made a call for massacre from here a little while ago with joy of playing the card of nationalism and chauvinism and saying ‘level Nusaybin to the ground and leave nobody alive,’” Demirtaş said.

“Do you assume that things that are in line with this gentleman’s call are not already being done there? They are being done. Rest assured, those places have already been leveled to the ground,” he said, addressing Bahçeli in his absence.

Call for all sides “to release finger from trigger”

Demirtaş recalled that April 9 would mark the holy night of Regaip Kandili, which commemorates the conception of the Prophet Mohammad.

“On this occasion, I am once more calling on all sides that have been in an armed fight today in our country; at least on the occasion of the three upcoming holy months, I am calling on everybody who holds this authority, this decision, in their hands; please silence arms, release your fingers from trigger. Display this will, let’s give an opportunity to ourselves for resolving our problems through peaceful means,” he said.