Group of coal miners attack reporters in Turkey’s Zonguldak

Group of coal miners attack reporters in Turkey’s Zonguldak

ZONGULDAK – Anadolu Agency
Group of coal miners attack reporters in Turkey’s Zonguldak

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A group of coal miners attacked local reporters over “widespread media coverage” of claims that the state-run Karadon mine in the Black Sea province of Zonguldak would be privatized, during a press briefing held by a sector union to provide information about the allegations. 

The mine-workers union, Genel Maden-İş, held a meeting in front of the Karadon mine on June 22 amid claims that the mine would be privatized.

However, a quarrel erupted between reporters and coal miners after the latter angrily criticized news reports published in local media outlets regarding the privatization. 

The group of 20 miners attacked the reporters, who sought refuge at the Turkish Hardcoal Authority (TTK) office building.

A police officer fired his gun into the air while police teams were dispatched as reinforcement.

A reporter from local daily Halkın Sesi, identified as Barış Doğan, was transferred to the Zonguldak Atatürk State Hospital after receiving blows to his head. 

Two other reporters, Ferdi Akıllı from the Zonguldak bureau of the state-run Anadolu Agency, and Cüneyt Özfidan from the Pusula newspaper, received medical reports proving the assaults. 

The attacked reporters have since filed a complaint against the assailants.

The Zonguldak Journalists’ Association has condemned the attack.

“We do not approve and we condemn this act against our journalist friends who are on a public duty, who serve as a mirror of society, and who work for the right to information of the people,” it stated.