Greece rejects Turkey’s extradition request for DHKP-C suspect

Greece rejects Turkey’s extradition request for DHKP-C suspect

Yorgo Kırbaki – ATHENS
Greece rejects Turkey’s extradition request for DHKP-C suspect

Greece rejected Turkey’s extradition request for a member of the outlawed far-leftist Revolutionary People’s Liberation Army-Front (DHKP-C) on March 6 amid tension that ignited after two Greek soldiers were detained on Turkish border.

Greece’s appeals court in Athens rejected the extradition request for DHKP-C member Şadi Naci Özpolat.

The same court ruled on Feb. 2 in line with prosecutors’ suggestion, denying Ankara’s extradition request for Mehmet Doğan, another member sought, on grounds that he was recognized as a “political refugee” by French authorities.

Doğan was arrested last November in Athens along with eight more Turkish nationals, including Özpolat, and was accused of forming and participating in a terrorist organization and possessing explosives and weapons unlawfully, among other charges.

Ankara has requested the extradition of at least two of the accused.

Greece seeks EU, NATO help over soldiers detained in Turkey

Greece’s defense minister said he has complained to the European Union and NATO following the detention of two Greek soldiers in Turkey after they strayed across the border during a patrol last week.

Panos Kammenos said the two men, a lieutenant and a sergeant, were arrested a “few meters” inside Turkish territory while on a patrol against migrant smuggling. He made the remarks in Brussels on March 6 while attending a meeting of EU defense ministers.

A Turkish court in the border city of Edirne rejected a request for their provisional release.

The incident has further strained relations between the two NATO allies who have longstanding disputes over maritime boundaries and commercial rights.