Göbeklitepe may be made by aliens, says mayor

Göbeklitepe may be made by aliens, says mayor

Göbeklitepe may be made by aliens, says mayor

Göbeklitepe, a 12,000-year-old Neolithic archaeological site in southeastern province of Şanlıurfa, may have been made by aliens, the city’s mayor says.

“The statues in Göbeklitepe depict something other than humans. They seem to be coming from somewhere else. They remind me of aliens,” Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül told daily Milliyet on April 25.

The mayor especially pointed out the “V-necked motive” on the statues. “People of the time wore peltries. But here, we see V-shaped motives. If the first humans wore peltries, who are these people?” the mayor asked.

One other thing Beyazgül highlighted was the three “purse motives” on the Göbeklitepe monoliths. “Those purses are akin to the modern purses of today. If we think that those purses were made by the men of the time, we would be wrong. The probability of another living creature making that purse is more likely.”

The characteristic element of Göbeklitepe’s architecture are the T-shaped pillars. The heaviest of these pillars weigh 20 tons and is of 6 meters in height.

“These pillars were erected without been broken. We think mankind erected them,” he said. “Even if they had to capacity to make faces on the pillars, they just made it T-shaped. I think, they wanted to hide themselves.”

Dating back to between 9,500 and 8,000 B.C., Göbeklitepe is comprised of a number of large stone pillars that are richly decorated with anthropomorphic details, clothing and reliefs of wild animals.

German archaeologist Klaus Schmidt, the site’s original excavator, described it as the “world’s first temple.”

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