Giant EXPO area to turn into a movie studio

Giant EXPO area to turn into a movie studio

Giant EXPO area to turn into a movie studio

The EXPO fairground, worth 1.8 billion Turkish Liras ($241 million) in Turkey’s Mediterranean province of Antalya, will turn into a giant film set and rival Hollywood.

The 121-acre fairground in Aksu district, which has been discussed for a long time on how to evaluate after EXPO 2016, will turn into a movie studio where a movie by Hollywood’s famous director Guy Ritchie will be shot.

Following the permission by the Culture and Tourism Ministry for filming, the production team has started their official correspondence with the Antalya Governor’s Office, municipalities and related institutions regarding the site usage permits.

Explaining the details of the agreement process with the production company for the movie, the director of Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Department, Gökhan Karaca, stated that proposals were sent to all organization companies to actively evaluate the exhibition area.

“Film studios have been created in the EXPO area and are surrounded by curtains. Actors will come to Antalya in the coming days,” Karaca said, adding that the actors’ accommodation and transportation plans are also being made.

The movie named “Five Eyes,” which was announced to be shot in Antalya, is expected to be starring action movie star, Jason Statham.

According to the application letter of the production company, the shooting of Kaleiçi will start on Feb. 8.