Getir starts operating in New York

Getir starts operating in New York

Getir starts operating in New York

Istanbul-based Getir, the pioneer of ultra-fast grocery delivery business, announced yesterday that it started serving customers in New York.

The company entered the U.S. market with Chicago last month. It is planning to expand its service to Boston soon.

Getir was founded in 2015 as the world’s first ultrafast grocery delivery service in Istanbul and has grown rapidly in recent years.

It has made successful market entries in the United Kingdom (January), the Netherlands (May), Germany and France (June), Spain and Portugal (September), and Italy (October). Currently, it operates in more than 30 of Turkey’s 81 provinces, 12 British cities, four Dutch cities, two German cities and two Spanish cities.

“New York is the most important and vivid city of the United States with residents from all over the world. It is the trade and commerce capital of the world,” said Getir founder Nazım Salur.

“Time means everything in New York, where people race against time. Making these people capable of meeting their daily needs in 10 minutes through Getir’s wide network will create a great easiness that will break the mould,” he added.