German man barred from leaving Turkey

German man barred from leaving Turkey

BERLIN – Reuters
German man barred from leaving Turkey

Germany’s foreign ministry said on Dec. 31 it was providing consular aid to a German man barred from leaving Turkey after the authorities accused him of supporting a terrorist organization on social media.

German media reported that Adnan Sütçü, 56, was detained shortly after arriving in Ankara on Dec. 27 to attend his mother’s funeral.

Sütçü was questioned by police and then released, but told to report to authorities daily and not to leave the country before a court reviews his case next year, according to the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper and other outlets,

“We are aware of the case and the embassy is providing consular aid,” a source at the German foreign ministry said.

The ministry source said 49 Germans are currently jailed in Turkey, including five held for “apparently political reasons.”

Reuters could not reach officials at the Turkey’s justice ministry for comment.

Stüçü, who has lived in Germany for decades, told the media outlets he had never supported a terrorist organization, and it was unclear which group he was accused of backing.

According to a summary of Sütçü’s interrogation, he told Turkish officials he could not remember if he had posted the messages on Facebook and said he rejected violence.

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