German couple found dead in Turkey’s south

German couple found dead in Turkey’s south

MERSİN – Anadolu Agency
German couple found dead in Turkey’s south A German couple was found dead in their apartment in the Erdemli district of the southern province of Mersin on May 31. 

Karl Heinrich Plattner, 64, and his wife, Doris Monika Plattner, 60, had been living in Mersin for five years.

Friends of the couple informed the police after they had not heard from them for a long time. After entering their apartment, police officers found the woman dead in her bed and the man hanged near the stairs. 

The dead bodies of the two were sent to the forensic medicine institute in the neighboring province of Adana after examinations by the public prosecutor. 

The causes of their deaths will be revealed after an autopsy, though officials believe the man may have committed suicide after finding his wife dead.

Reports indicate that the woman was diabetic while the man had been suffering from renal insufficiency for a long time. 

No signs of battery were found on the couple’s bodies while a letter, written in German, was recovered from the house. A translation of the letter is expected to provide an accurate account of the Plattners’ deaths.