Gaziantep bomber identified as ISIL militant: Reports

Gaziantep bomber identified as ISIL militant: Reports

Gaziantep bomber identified as ISIL militant: Reports The suicide bomber who killed two police officers and wounded 22, including civilians, on May 1 in the southeastern province of Gaziantep has been identified as Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militant İ.G., daily Habertürk has reported. 

Interior Minister Efkan Ala said on May 2 that 50 ISIL members suspects were detained for connections to the attack.

During the attack, two cars entered the area in front of the police headquarters in Gaziantep on May 1 and started firing at police officers with automatic weapons. 

One of the cars exploded at the scene of the incident, after police returned fire and clashes erupted, while the second car managed to escape. 

Daily Habertürk published a picture of a man, who they claimed was the suicide bomber and alleged was an ISIL militant from the “Ahmet Güneş group.” The attacker was married with two kids, it added. 

Police determined İ.G.’s identity after investigating fingerprints obtained from the suicide bomber’s body, the pieces of which were spread across the crime scene. 

The fingerprints matched those of İ.G., which were put into the police database when obtaining a driver’s license. 

İ.G.’s house was raided and suspects including his father, sibling, wife and a number of relatives were taken into custody. Over 30 suspects have been detained overall in anti-terror operations since the May 1 attack. 

On the other hand, a police officer who recorded a video of the explosion on his cell phone and shared it on social media was suspended from duty. 

Meanwhile, funerals were held in Gaziantep for police officers Yusuf Erin and Serdal Şakir, who were killed in the attack. 

Şakir’s funeral was held at the Asri Mezarlık Merkez Mosque while Erin’s funeral prayer was held at the Bahattin Nakıboğlu Mosque in the same area. Both officers were buried at the Asri Cemetery.