Gallipoli history in a new Turkish film

Gallipoli history in a new Turkish film

ÇANAKK ALE - Anatolia News Agency
Gallipoli history in a new Turkish film

The film will feature the Çanakkale War in 1915 and released in October.

A new heroic tale, “Çanakkale 1915” will be released in Turkey on Oct. 18.

The producer of the film, Serkan Balbal, and general coordinator Muat Şener visited Çanakkale Mayor Güngör Azim Tuna and shared information about the film.

Balbal said the film’s script had been adapted from Turgur Özakman’s book “Diriliş” (Resurrection) and work had started 2.5 years ago. He said they were working with two big companies in the US and Mexico. “We are working with two Oscar-winning companies that made the visual effects for the film Titanic for the battle scene.”

The film would have a remarkable budget, he said, adding, “We will shoot the whole film in Çanakkale. Only some visual effects will be made in Mexico and the US. All other scenes will be made in the city.”
He said there were many places in Turkey that resembled Çanakkale geographically, and they had received many proposals to make the film elsewhere. “But we want to shoot the film here because we want to show the soul here.”

Mayor Tuna said the municipality would give full support to the film with the help of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Cinema/Television Department students.

The preparations for the film will take six weeks and shooting will take eight weeks, according to Balbal. He said they planned to release the film on Oct. 18.