Free activities on Global Wellness Day

Free activities on Global Wellness Day

Free activities on Global Wellness Day

June 9 will mark the 7th annual Global Wellness Day (GWD) celebration. With a motto of “One Day Can Change Your Whole Life,” this year’s theme is “Children’s Wellness.” 

In Turkey, Global Wellness Day has worked in collaboration with the Education Ministry and provincial directorates to organize volunteer school painting activities for schools in need. Once the schools are closed in Turkey, the interior and exterior walls of schools in Istanbul’s Sultanbeyli district and Amasya’s Şahinler village are going to be painted with the financial support and labor force provided by Global Wellness Day. 

To create awareness on both protecting the environment and the benefits of jogging on health, Global Wellness Day will also organize volunteer “plogging” activities at several parks in Istanbul and in nearby Sapanca. “Plogging is a Scandinavian workout trend that essentially involves picking up trash while jogging. 

In addition, Istanbul’s Küçükçiftlik Park is getting ready for another massive all-day event with Yoga, Pilates, Zumba workshops, healthy-life style seminars of best-selling authors and kids activities such as basketball, zumba, painting and a concert to end the day. 

The events on the Global Wellness Day are all open to the public.