Four people die in ‘mistaken attack’

Four people die in ‘mistaken attack’

GAZİANTEP – Doğan News Agency
Four people die in ‘mistaken attack’

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Four people were killed and two others heavily injured in a shootout at the car park of the main courthouse in the southeastern province of Gaziantep today.

The attack, which was attributed to “an internal gang feud,” resulted in the death of four unrelated people who were in the courthouse for their daughter’s divorce trial.

Wearing a bullet-proof vest, 26-year-old Adem Çetin opened fire with a kalashnikov rifle on a family right after they had attended a trial in their divorce case at the 9th Court of First Instance.

While the shooter’s targets were not injured, three people from the same family, Esra Dedekurt (27), Atilla Dedekurt (30) Hatice Şener (54) and Zeki Erdem (21), who had no relative ties to the targeted couple, were killed, and two others injured.

Gaziantep Governor Erdal Ata told daily Hürriyet that the attacker was now in custody after turning himself in.

The governor further stated that those injured in the attack were taken to hospitals and one of them is in critical condition.