Four HDP lawmakers detained

Four HDP lawmakers detained

Four HDP lawmakers detained

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Four lawmakers from the opposition Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) were detained on Jan. 25, including Diyarbakır MP İmam Taşçıer, Sanlıurfa MP Osman Baydemir, Iğdır MP Mehmet Emin Adıyaman and Muş MP Ahmet Yıldırım.

A subpoena was issued for Taşçıer after he refused to testify even though he was notified to do so by the Diyarbakır Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office. Taşçıer was later detained at his home.

Yıldırım and Baydemir were reportedly released after testifying to the prosecutor.

An investigation was launched into Taşçıer over “openly humiliating the government of the Turkish Republic,” “insulting the president,” and “insulting a public worker because of his duty.” 

Taşçıer was released after his testimony was taken. 

A subpoena was also issued for Adıyaman and he was taken to the Çağlayan Courthouse after being detained at his home. 

Later in the day, Baydemir and Yıldırım were detained at the Diyarbakır Courthouse where they had arrived for a hearing in the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party/Kurdistan Communities Union (PKK/KCK) case. 

Meanwhile, the jailed and ousted mayor of the southeastern province of Mardin, Ahmet Türk, was taken to hospital in the eastern province of Elazığ in order to obtain a health report. His lawyer and family have repeatedly said his health condition is deteriorating.