Forged signature found in Soma mine disaster case

Forged signature found in Soma mine disaster case

Fevzi Kızılkoyun / Banu Şen ANKARA
Forged signature found in Soma mine disaster case

Activity at the disaster-struck Soma mine resumed earlier this month with maintenance works. AA Photo

A criminal report has revealed that a document saying Soma Coal Mine Company owner Alp Gürkan and his son CEO Can Gürkan will not be held responsible in the event of a work-related accident has a forged signature.

The revelation comes as part of the case looking into the deaths of 301 miners in the May 13 accident in the district of Soma.

Soma Coal Mine Company General Manager Ramazan Doğru was the only person who would be responsible in the courts in the case of any accident in the mine, according to the document. However, as revealed by the expert report, the document contained a forged signature.

İzmir Bars Association head Ercan Demir said the expert report may change the route of the case.

Soon after the accident, a court refused a prosecutors’ demand for the arrest of the owner of the Soma mine’s operator, ruling there “was no evidence showing his responsibility” in the accident.

The top two people responsible at the mine, CEO Can Gürkan and General Manager Doğru, were arrested overnight on May 19.