Floods, landslides kill 3 in northeast Turkey

Floods, landslides kill 3 in northeast Turkey

ARTVİN – Anadolu Agency
Floods, landslides kill 3 in northeast Turkey

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At least three people have died in heavy rains and landslides that hit Turkey’s northeastern province of Artvin on Nov. 12.

A 74-year-old man lost his life when a landslide engulfed him in front of his house in the Black Sea district of Borçka. The man was taken to a local hospital but died later from his injuries, according to Artvin Gov. Kemal Cirit.

Meanwhile, the Provincial Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) said at least two other people died and 11 were injured following heavy rainfall in Artvin’s Borçka and Murgul districts.

On Nov. 11, a three-year-old girl died in Artvin when heavy rains triggered a landslide that caused a building collapse.

Citizens were warned not to enter damaged houses, to leave the roads empty for the emergency services and not to use telephones unless absolutely necessary.

Schools have been closed for two days in Borçka and Murgul.

Meanwhile, one shepherd went missing and five were rescued after they lost their way due to heavy snow and wind. In the village of Boğatepe in the eastern province of Kars, shepherds taking around 4,000 sheep to the neighboring city of Iğdır got trapped due to the heavy snow. 

Five of the shepherds - identified as Mehmet Silkim, Ercan Aybir, Kasım Mert, Ahmet Akay and Cafer Kalay - were found, though some of them are in a serious condition. The search for one other shepherd named Hüseyin was still ongoing as of Nov. 13.