Fireman loses two kids in house fire in Turkey

Fireman loses two kids in house fire in Turkey

NEVŞEHİR - Hürriyet
Fireman loses two kids in house fire in Turkey

A fireman’s two children had been poisoned by the smoke in a fire.

A Turkish firefighter has lost two children in a fire which broke out at his home in the central province of Nevşehir, though his wife and eldest child survived. 

Durak Sola, a firefighter working for the Kozaklı municipality of Nevşehir, was part of a team that responded to a help call, only to find out that it was his own house that was in flames. 

Sola said he had gone to work as usual at 08.30 a.m. when a colleague told him that his house was burning. 

“I came to put out the fire in my own house but it had already burned. I could not save two of my children, I collected both of their bodies,” said Sola, adding that he did not know how the fire broke out. 

Sola said the fire started in the bedroom that was situated right next to the room where both of his deceased children had been playing on the computer. He said his children were not burned to death but had been poisoned by the smoke, whereas his wife and 12-year-old son had escaped the house as they were watching TV in a room that was close to the door leading outside.

Mother hospitalized

“She tried to break the glass to save the children when her arms got cut. Now she is hospitalized too,” Sola said.

Sola said he entered the room where his two children were by breaking the window glass. He explained that the children were lying inside the water the fire brigade had sprayed to put out the flames. “I took my children out of the water with my own hands. They were both alive in my arms when I pulled them out. They died on the way to the hospital,” Sola said.