Ferzan Özpetek film makes gala in Diyarbakır

Ferzan Özpetek film makes gala in Diyarbakır

Ferzan Özpetek film makes gala in Diyarbakır Turkish-based Italian director Ferzan Özpetek held a special gala screening for his 10th film “Allaciate Le Cinture” (Fasten Your Seatbelts) in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır. The gala, held at a shopping mall, was attended by Diyarbakır Mayor Gültan Kışanak along with many guests and film lovers.

Shot in Italy’s city of Lecce, the film explores a 13-year marriage with its good and bad moments and highlights the importance of early diagnosis in cancer.

Speaking to press members, Özpetek said that it was his third gala in the southeastern region. He said that since he was addicted to Lecce, he made two films there. “I plan to make a film in Istanbul. Then I will be happy to make a film in Diyarbakır, too,” he said.

As for a song by Kurdish artist Aynur Doğan in the film, the director said he did not have a special purpose to for the film. “I liked her Kurdish song and used it in the film. There was no purpose. I didn’t even think the film would be shown in Diyarbakır. I don’t make plans in choosing the artists, either; I do what I feel like. I sent four songs by Doğan to the film’s editor and he liked this one,” Özpetek explained.

He said that he was surprised to see the Syriac Church there, adding, “It impresses people that this place has various civilizations and cultures. The city has great wealth. It is very important to promote this richness.”

Mayor Kışanak said the film would give the city’s contribution to the world. He said that he felt melancholic while watching the film, saying, “I lost three of my close friends to cancer. I am sure this film will have a very strong effect.”