Fancy dress-themed Canoe Festival held in Adana

Fancy dress-themed Canoe Festival held in Adana

Fancy dress-themed Canoe Festival held in Adana

People dressed in striking costumes rowed their canoes on the Seyhan River as part of a Canoe Festival held in the southern province of Adana, creating a sight worth seeing.

On Sept. 10, two associations from the southern provinces of Mersin and Adana collaborated and organized the Canoe Festival with a fancy dress theme on the Seyhan River.

Hundreds of people participated in the festival with interesting and creative costumes.

Some participants joined the festival dressed as superheroes, such as Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man, while some preferred Arab sheik costumes, witch costumes, magician or princess outfits.

After dancing to the tune of music on land for a while, the festival participants enjoyed canoeing on the river.

Speaking to local media, Gürçay Yürüten, who organized the festival, stated that Adana managed to surprise him again with countless colorful costume ideas and the amount of participation.

Participants of the lively festival said they had a blast during the unique event and made wonderful memories.