Famous hijab-wearing model visits Istanbul, praises Turkish hamam

Famous hijab-wearing model visits Istanbul, praises Turkish hamam

Famous hijab-wearing model visits Istanbul, praises Turkish hamam

Halima Aden, a Muslim model who became a trailblazer for modest fashion by wearing her hijab on the catwalk and in photo shoots, has visited Istanbul as she has been named a global brand ambassador of a Turkish firm.

Speaking at a press conference, the Somali-American model expressed her great pleasure being in Turkey after a three-year hiatus, while praising the traditional Turkish bath and the “magical” atmosphere of Istanbul.

“I love Turkish baths. Turks are very lucky to have such a culture,” she said, noting that she goes to a Turkish bath every time she comes to Turkey.

During her visit, the model has signed an exclusive two-year agreement with Modanisa, known as one of the world’s largest modest fashion retailers.

She will lend her face, name, and creativity to the firm’s marketing efforts around the world and she will also design two new collections for the company in line with the deal.

One of the most famous Muslim women in the world, Aden’s new role for Modanisa marks her return to fashion 10 months after quitting the industry to avoid having to compromise her religious beliefs.

Her new partnership with the Turkish company is likely to avoid many of the challenges she faced while working with other brands.

“They share my faith and values, and fully respect my choices as a Muslim woman. I’m coming home,” the model said.

Since catapulting to fame in a burkini at an American beauty pageant in 2016, Aden has regularly modelled for the Turkish brand, from strutting down the runway at Modanisa’s Modest Fashion Weeks in London, Istanbul and Dubai, to appearing in multiple promo campaigns.

In 2019, she turned designer in collaboration with the Turkish company, producing a collection of 47 headscarves that sold out in weeks.