Erdoğan says ties with Egypt on normalization path

Erdoğan says ties with Egypt on normalization path

Erdoğan says ties with Egypt on normalization path

Just as relations between Türkiye and Egypt take shape, ties with Syria can follow the same path in the next period, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Nov. 28. 

Referring to his recent meeting with his Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in Qatar, Erdoğan said El-Sisi is "very happy" with this meeting and “we also conveyed the same wish.”

Also, he said that "hopefully", the normalization process with Egypt will continue at the ministerial level.

During his speech, Erdoğan thanked those who work day and night for Istanbul’s 2053 vision.

“We have tirelessly transformed Türkiye’s infrastructure without any rest or hesitation. We will build its superstructure as well,” Erdoğan said. “We will mind our business and work the field inch by inch with wisdom, heart, sincerity, diligence, determination and sacrifice.”

Underscoring that they will crown their accomplishments in 2023, Erdoğan said: “Istanbul, are you ready to raise the Century of Türkiye in the world in the new century of our Republic?”

Noting that 480 terrorists have been neutralized in Operation Claw-Lock in Syria, Erdoğan said: “Türkiye has a right to take all kinds of courses of action in the areas it has determined inside and outside its borders for its own security. No one can prevent us from exercising this right.”

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