Easter celebrated in south, southeast Turkey

Easter celebrated in south, southeast Turkey

Easter celebrated in south, southeast Turkey

A Protestant church in southeastern Turkey’s Mardin province celebrated Easter on April 8. 

The Mardin Protestant Church in the Artuklu district held a special event that featured the recital of poems as well as songs and a theatre performance.

Mardin Protestant Church Priest Ender Peker said Mardin, where people from various ethnic backgrounds and religions live together, is a role model for the world.

“There is a mosque near our church. We have many Muslim friends celebrating our festivities. Similarly, we celebrate their festivities. We love each other and live together, and as long as we love each other, this tolerance will increase more, because tolerance is a fruit of love. People love each other, and as a result, they behave in a tolerant way,” he said.

Meanwhile, an Orthodox church in the southern province of Hatay held rituals April 7 to mark Easter. 

Christian residents of Hatay and surrounding districts took part in the Easter Vigil at the Orthodox Church in the İskenderun district.

Pastor Dimitri Yıldırım delivered a message of brotherhood and peace during his speech at the celebration.

As part of the celebration, the church was decorated with lights and candles.

Easter, marked on April 1 by Western Christians and April 8 by Eastern Orthodox Christians, marks the crucifixion of Jesus and his resurrection three days later.