Dutch-Turkey friendship group to be abolished

Dutch-Turkey friendship group to be abolished

Dutch-Turkey friendship group to be abolished

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A Turkish-Dutch friendship group in Turkey’s parliament group will be abolished within the week following the eruption of a diplomatic crisis with the Netherlands, the group’s chair, Ertuğrul Soysal, has said.

The group will act in accordance with the ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) decisions, Soysal said, adding that the managerial board of the group was planning to resign this week and abolish the group. 

The abolition of the group is part of the four sanctions announced by Turkey’s cabinet that largely focuses on the political and diplomatic sphere. Turkey has also filed complaints at top international institutions on the grounds that the Dutch government violated the 1961 Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations with its actions against Turkish ministers. 

Stating that they are planning to clarify the matter within a few days within the framework of the cabinet decisions, Soysal said the opinions of opposition party members in the group would also be solicited. 

Soysal also said the Netherlands’ moves to not permit Turkish ministers to campaign in the country was unacceptable, discourteous and a breach of international law.

Following Soysal’s announcement, AKP group deputy spokesperson Mustafa Elitaş stated that the AKP-affiliated members of the group had resigned on March 15. 

“We will not take part in the group until there is an apology,” Elitaş said.