Drones capture YPG attacks on Turkey from Syria

Drones capture YPG attacks on Turkey from Syria

ANKARA – Anadolu Agency
Drones capture YPG attacks on Turkey from Syria

Turkish army drones have captured videos of People’s Protection Units (YPG) attacks on the Turkish border provinces of Hatay and Kilis from western Afrin in Syria.

The footage shows scenes from the suburbs of the town of Jindires in Afrin, showing the perpetrators of the attacks clearly.

The YPG militants can be seen launching attacks on Turkey from between houses in the residential area inside Syria.

Jindires is one of the places from where the YPG launches attacks on civilians in Turkey.

YPG militants can also be seen in the footage using civilian disguises in the residential area.

Militants also use vehicle-mounted cannons to launch their assault.

Following the rocket attacks, militants are seen fleeing to nearby houses.

At least seven civilians have been killed and 113 others injured during such attacks.

The drones are able to record the militants’ every move, including the deployment of vehicles targeting Turkish territory.

Another striking detail seen in the footage is militants burning tires in order to block the view of drones.

The Turkish Armed Forces later destroyed the hideouts of the militants at the base that had been identified by the drones.

Since the launch of the military operation in Afrin, 98 rockets and howitzers have been fired by YPG at civilians living within Turkish borders.

Turkey launched “Operation Olive Branch” on Jan. 20 to remove YPG militants from Afrin.