Documentary on late photojournalist Ara Güler premieres in Iran

Documentary on late photojournalist Ara Güler premieres in Iran

Documentary on late photojournalist Ara Güler premieres in Iran

The premiere of a documentary on the late journalist and photographer Ara Güler was made in the Iranian capital Tehran on Feb. 3. Veteran journalist Coşkun Aral produced the documentary in memory of his 40-year friendship with Güler.

Within the scope of the project, titled “Ara Güler Universal,” an exhibition was opened at the Nabshi Cultural Center in Tehran. The documentary was shown in the same venue as part of the exhibition. 

Having the same title as an exhibition which Aral and Güler opened in 1986, “Bu Dünya Böyle Dünya” (This is World is Like This), the documentary features the life story of Güler since his childhood as well as his relations with internationally-known artists and encounters of their life. 

In the documentary, with his unique style, Güler questions the meaning of life and tells the first excitements of his youth. 

Following the premiere, Patrice Vallette, the creator of the Ara Güler Universal project, made a speech and said the documentary was very emotional and successful. 

The Iranian photojournalist Seyfullah Semendiyan said that Güler featured his own life in the documentary and such works were very rare. 

Aral said that they organized the premiere of the documentary in Tehran upon demands, and it would be screened in Turkey and other countries in the event of a demand, too. 

In the meantime, with the support of Doğuş Holding, Güler’s apartment in Istanbul’s Taksim neighborhood would become an artist house. 

Güler’s dark room, archive, office and personal belongings will be displayed in the artist house, which is in a building built in the 1800s, after a renovation process.