COVID-19, an unprecedented struggle for all of us: Op-Ed

COVID-19, an unprecedented struggle for all of us: Op-Ed

Christian Berger
COVID-19, an unprecedented struggle for all of us: Op-Ed

This pandemic has circled the earth in a very short period with unprecedented challenges for the health care systems as well as a dramatic socio-economic impact in Europe and the whole world.

The EU was hit hard and Member States as the first responders reacted to contain the spread of the virus, prevent deaths, and make sure the health systems do not collapse under the pressure of the disease.  

Very quickly, but regretfully not quickly enough, Europe reacted by pooling resources in finding a cure, procuring protective gear and bringing citizens back home.  Restrictive measures were necessary to slow down the spread of the virus and have saved lives.  But they come at a high social and economic cost; we need to address the damaging effects on our economies and need to protect jobs.
We are also reaching out to other regions, continue to act in solidarity with the most vulnerable countries and communities, notably in Africa.  And we continue to work closely with partners in the G7 and UN context.
We focus now on how to help Europe’s societies and economies get back to normal functioning and sustainable growth.  

The green transition and digital transformation will be important elements in the EU’s roadmap for recovery.  And we focus on being better prepared in the future and on increasing the resilience of our structures, particularly the health system.  
This crisis shows nations need to stand together to face a worldwide challenge of this magnitude; pool resources and knowledge; and strengthen their cooperation with each other and through multilateral organizations.

* Ambassador Christian Berger is Head of the EU Delegation to Turkey.

The article was originally published at Panorama; the magazine of International Relations Council (UIK) of Turkey: