‘Conform Zone’ exhibition criticizes routine of daily life

‘Conform Zone’ exhibition criticizes routine of daily life

‘Conform Zone’ exhibition criticizes routine of daily life

One of the young representatives of contemporary art, Tuğberk Selçuk meets art lovers with a new exhibition. Titled “Conform Zone,” the exhibition is an interactive one that makes the audience a part of the experience.

A deflating armchair and a tennis ball machine are among the installations criticizing the routine of daily life and the illusion of reality in a humorous way.

Born in 1986, the Istanbul-based artists’ previous works were exhibited in South Korea, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, as well as different parts of Turkey.

“Conform Zone” opens its doors on Oct. 12 and will continue until Nov. 12, at Avto Gallery in the Galata district.

Selçuk replied to a few questions about the exhibition.

Could you tell us a bit about “Conform Zone?” What will art lovers encounter at this exhibition?

I have been working on a research about Muzafar Sherif, who is an American social scientist of Turkish origin. He was working on how people change their ideas in order to fit in different social contexts. I have always wanted to know why. The answers are not plain and simple. I don’t set out to find answers but asking questions often matters more than answers. So the audience will come across my answers.

Your works have an interdisciplinary approach. One of the objects that sets an example to this is the inflatable armchair. What is the story behind it?

I wanted to be perfect when I was a kid. That never happened because the same guy in school was elected over and over again every year. It tells the story of that same guy never wanting to leave the power.

Would you tell us a bit about your sources of inspiration?

I don’t think inspiration is the valid term. I think my works are the outcome of research and objective thinking. I could say though, I am living in the middle of where vernacular finds its definition.

How would you describe your idols?

Radical and nonconforming individuals.

What are the techniques used in “Conform Zone?”

Most of what you will experience is not produced via artisanal craftsmanship.

Which art discipline do you feel close to?

I don’t have a discipline maybe I should be disciplined.

Has it ever been that a daily small detail turned into a huge art piece for you?

Much of my work comes from quotidian. None of it has turned out to be monumental. We should not aim to leave personal marks on the earth. The world is a busy place as it is.