Coach firm reintroduces bus attendants after complaints

Coach firm reintroduces bus attendants after complaints

Eray Görgülü-ISTANBUL
Coach firm reintroduces bus attendants after complaints

German bus operator Flixbus has decided to reintroduce attendants on local coach service brand Kamil Koç after having received complaints from consumers.

The German company last year acquired Kamil Koç, which has been on the roads for more than nine decades and decided to eliminate the bus attendants (muavin) and removed seat numbers.

As customary in coach services in Turkey, attendants help travelers with their luggage and serve refreshments and snacks during the journey.

In the face of mounting criticism from consumers, Flixbus was forced to reconsider and reserve its decision.

Attendants have been reintroduced on long-distance travels.

“We had already warned that the “German system” would not work in Turkey. They could not gain a competitive advantage with such policies,” said Birol Özcan, the head of the Turkish Coach Operators’ Federation.

“Back then, buses did not have refrigerators installed. We would bring in our food and water to be consumed during the journey. Customers are now used to getting luxury services. How would you handle your luggage when getting on the bus?” he added.

Özcan noted that the German company would have also removed seat numbers.

“The company’s initial plans were supposedly designed to undercut the prices,” he said, adding that they have come around.