CHP slams extension of state of emergency

CHP slams extension of state of emergency

CHP slams extension of state of emergency Main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) spokesperson Selin Sayek Böke has criticized the government for extending the state of emergency for another three months. 

“The state of emergency has no benefit for the country,” Böke said on Jan. 4 after a party meeting. 

“The AKP [ruling Justice and Development Party] needs the state of emergency. With the help of the state of emergency, they can hide the fact that they are unable to fulfill the basic duty of the state, which is to ensure its citizens’ safety,” she added.

“The cabinet does not have information about the extension of the state of emergency. The government spokesperson has said earlier that the cabinet did not discuss the state of emergency extension on Jan. 2 after the cabinet meeting. However, after 24 hours, the proposal to extend the state of emergency has been submitted to parliament. Either the ministers who have signed the proposal do not have information on it, as their spokesperson has said, and if that is the case, all the ministers in the cabinet have to resign immediately, or the spokesperson does not have information, and if that is the case he has to resign,” she said. 

Böke accused the government of staging a “de facto coup.”

“Those who are not AKP supporters, those who do not support the regime, have become targets,” she added.