Children’s movies and directors coming to Istanbul

Children’s movies and directors coming to Istanbul

Children’s movies and directors coming to Istanbul More than 100 films from 28 countries will be shown at the third Universal Children’s Film Festival to be held between Oct. 27 and 31 in Istanbul’s Tuzla neighborhood.

The festival is designed to coincide with the celebrations on Oct. 29 of Turkish Republic Day as an offering to the young.  The works of famous film directors for children from different parts of the world will be shown.

“Urban Rascals” by Joost Ranzijn from the Netherlands will be featured during the opening ceremony of the festival along with dozens of noted short films for children from Argentina, Croatia, India, France, Japan, Spain, Taiwan, Ukraine and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The directors of children’s films, media specialists and teachers from various countries will come to the city to share their thoughts, cultural experiences and life stories personally and through their films.
Screenings are free, while children can also join filmmaking workshops and interact with children’s filmmakers, actors and actresses from different countries. 

The festival, directed by Rowena Tuzcuoğlu, is sponsored by the Tuzla District Governor’s Office and the Sefine Shipyard, as well as Turkish and international donors. The festival will be held at the Tuzla Youth Center and Şifa Youth Center.