Chairman Demirören writes on Hürriyet's 'journey of democracy'

Chairman Demirören writes on Hürriyet's 'journey of democracy'

Erdoğan Demirören – ISTANBUL
Chairman Demirören writes on Hürriyets journey of democracy

Turkey’s initiatives to shift to democracy and the multi-party regime during the 1945-1950 years have brought along new breaths of fresh air in the media sector, as in many other sectors.

The daily Hürriyet newspaper is the most important witness of this journey of democracy. With the content and innovations it has brought to the press, Hürriyet’s front page has reflected the changing spirit from that period, giving a spot for columns of two political rivals, İsmet İnönü and Celal Bayar. Its founder Sedat Simavi had said, “We have entered a new regime, there are countless problems out there. The media has a big job to do.”

At the same time, it is an indication of its aim of being “a dignified newspaper that is true in essence,” along with Simavi’s words that “it will not be unbiased, but independent. For the benefit of the people, it will take sides when necessary, but since it is independent, it will never be a tool for the side it favors.”

In the 70 years that have passed since Hürriyet’s foundation in 1948, both Turkey and the world have gone through a lengthy and thorny journey. During this journey, although many social, political, and economic concepts and understandings have changed, Hürriyet’s founding principles have not.

As a person who has devoted his life to his country, flag and nation and who joined the Simavi family in becoming one of Hürriyet Newspaper and Distribution Company’s partners in 1965, I say:

Today also, Hürriyet continues to work towards fulfilling its duty for Turkey’s unity and solidarity and the Turkish people.

And it should do. 

On the topic of fulfilling this duty, the sensitivity of the newspaper and of the people is beyond any debate.

The media, which needs to stop designing politics, should prepare today’s youth for future generations and equip them with knowledge.

In a world where the attitude of journalism is ending, the media has to become the towers for spreading and distributing information.

The media, which should call out to all differences, should bring these differences together on its pages and screens on behalf of the country and should stay away from polarization.

It should stay away from destructiveness and return to its stance of constructive criticism.

When we bought the dailies Milliyet and Vatan, I gave a promise before you and said: We have come not to grow with newspapers, but to foster them. And today, I am happy to have held onto this promise.

I, together with my family, believe that the experienced staff of Hürriyet and its readers will accomplish this.

With our best wishes for Hürriyet’s 70th anniversary.

Yours faithfully.

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