Central creek in Istanbul reaches alarming pollution level

Central creek in Istanbul reaches alarming pollution level

Central creek in Istanbul reaches alarming pollution level The pollution in one of Istanbul’s central creeks has reached an excessive level, as the creek was recently seen covered with black-colored bubbles and emitting an unbearable smell.

The Kurbağalıdere creek, which is located in Istanbul’s Asian-side district of Kadıköy, has reached a dangerous level of contamination due to the high amount of sewage and waste which has been thrown into the creek, causing great apprehension from those living in the neighborhoods bordering the creek, local journal Kadıköy Life’s website reported.

After all the reclamation efforts to ameliorate the condition of the creek, which has been known for its pollution, which were left unfinished, it has been announced further retrieval works will take place in early 2016.

Tests conducted in June by the Kadıköy Municipality had determined the polluted creek was putting a lot of people’s health in danger. Four out of seven samples collected from different spots of the Marmara Sea within the boundaries of Kadıköy contained high levels of Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria, an extreme threat to the welfare of humans.

A total of 200 units of E. coli is considered the safety limit, yet the amount of E. coli found at the Fenerbahçe foreland was 390 units, at the Moda Sea Club 410 units, in Kalamış the number went as high as 6,500 units and it was 6,900 units in the sea at Yoğurtçu Park, according to the test results.  

Kadıköy Mayor Aykurt Nuhoğlu had cautioned people about the perils of swimming in the sea and further showed his distress by stating “the public is under threat.”

“Therefore, no one has the right to threaten the health of the people,” Nuhoğlu had said in June.