Celebrities help in promoting Turkish marble

Celebrities help in promoting Turkish marble

İZMİR - Anatolia News Agency
Celebrities help in promoting Turkish marble

Turkish marbles are famous for their high quality and sanitary features, says Arslan Erdinç, a sector representative. AA photo

World famous customers such as Claude Van Damme, Roberto Carlos, Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan and Myriam Fares (described as “the Middle Eastern Shakira”), are increasing the global interest in Turkish marbles, according to Arslan Erdinç, the head of Aegean Mining Exporters.

“The worldwide interest in Turkish marble increases as celebrities show interest in it. Turkish natural stone exports to the Middle East will definitely increase after Fares’ interest,” said Erdinç in a written statement.

He said he met famous Lebanese singer and entertainer Myriam Fares, also known as “The Queen of the Stage,” when she contacted him in order to lay Turkish beige marble in her villa in Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon. 

Erdinç said many choose Turkish marble because of its beauty and sanitary features. 
Total exports in the Turkish natural stone sector hit $1.67 billion last year, Erdinç said, adding that the exports target for 2023 is $7 billion. The government has set a target of $500 billion in total exports by 2023, when Turkey celebrates the 100th anniversary of the republic.