Cat found injured becomes faculty’s mascot

Cat found injured becomes faculty’s mascot

Cat found injured becomes faculty’s mascot

A cat, which was found injured four years ago in the garden of Erciyes University’s Fine Arts Faculty in the central Anatolian province of Kayseri and owned by the administration, has become the mascot of the faculty.

The cat which was found with injuries to various parts of its body in the faculty’s garden was taken care by Oya Levendoğlu, the head of the Music Department.

Regaining its health after treatment, the cat, named Tiggy, has not left the faculty.

“One morning, our department secretary, Mrs. Adile, came to my room with a wounded, devastated and dying cat. We always tried to feed injured and hungry animals; we are trying to treat them. I never forget, the cat grabbed my hand from inside the stroller,” Levendoğlu explained.

“It has regained its health, but currently has no teeth in its mouth. All but its front two teeth were pulled out. That is why we take great care to feed it.”

Tiggy, which has become the mascot of the faculty, walks around the classrooms where students study music.

The cat Tiggy knocks on the door of the classroom that it wanted to enter during the lesson, and the teachers open the door, Levendoğlu stated.

“There were some of my students who were afraid of it, but now they have overcome this fear and have chosen to love instead of fear it. They love Tiggy very much right now.”