Capacity usage rose slightly in July

Capacity usage rose slightly in July

Capacity usage rose slightly in July

The capacity utilization rate (CUR) in Türkiye’s manufacturing industry increased slightly on a monthly basis in July, data the Central Bank released yesterday showed.

The manufacturing sector used 78.2 percent of its capacity this month, up from the 77.6 percent capacity utilization in June, according to the Central Bank.

The capacity utilization rate stood at 76.7 percent in July 2021 and at 70.7 percent two years ago when the COVID-19 pandemic was taking its toll on economic activity.

On a seasonally adjusted basis, the CUR also improved from 77.5 percent in June to 78.1 percent in July.

The durable consumer goods manufacturing industry used 75 percent of its capacity in July, comparing favorably with the 72.5 percent CUR in the sector in the previous month. The capacity usage in the non-durable consumer goods industry also improved from 75.4 percent in June to 75.7 percent in July.

Companies operating in the consumer goods industry increased their capacity utilization from 75 percent to 75.6 percent, the Central Bank data also showed.

In the intermediate goods manufacturing industry, the capacity usage declined slightly from 79.6 percent in June to 79.2 percent in July, while in the investment goods sector, CUR improved from 73.5 percent to 76.7 percent. The food and beverages sector worked at 73.8 percent capacity in July, up from 73.1 percent in the previous month.

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