Canadian schools set for fast growth in Turkey

Canadian schools set for fast growth in Turkey

Canadian schools set for fast growth in Turkey Following the interest the first Canadian kindergartens in Turkey has seen, the first Canadian primary school has opened its doors for the 2016-2017 education year.

 Ayşen Karşit, the Turkey director of Canadian Schools, said the two kindergartens opened on both sides of the Bosphorus in Istanbul were a great success in their first year in the country. The two kindergartens, one in Levent on the city’s European side and the other in Çamlıca on the Asian side, have now been joined by a primary school in Ulus in a building overlooking the Bosphorus.

Canadian schools have endorsed a strategy which foresees an educational structure which begins in preschool and continues through the end of high school. Two more schools are planned to be opened on both sides of the Bosphorus within the next two years.

“Our students are provided with the same rights as with the ones studying in Canada. As the students are under the registration of both countries’ education ministries, they have the possibility to continue their education whenever they want in Canada,” said Ayşen Karşit, speaking at a Canada Day event, which took place on June 28 on the premises of the primary school in Ulus.

With the opening of high schools, students who enroll in Canadian schools will have the right to continue their education directly in Canadian universities.

Registration for the first primary school, which also has a kindergarten on its premises, has begun, promising a multicultural, multilingual education accompanied by creative learning programs.

Students starting their education in Canadian schools take their courses in English and French by Canadian teachers. They also have courses in Turkish.