Burhan Doğançay's painting sold at auction

Burhan Doğançay's painting sold at auction

Burhan Doğançays painting sold at auction

A painting by one of the great masters of Turkish contemporary art, Burhan Doğançay, has been sold at an auction.

More than 200 artworks were auctioned on Jan. 14 at the 42nd Beyaz Contemporary and Modern Art Auction. Doğançay’s work “Red and Black Composition” found a buyer for 850,000 Turkish Liras before taxes and costs.

The painting, dated 1974, draws attention because it has features from Doğançay’s series “Hücum” (Attack) and “Kurdela” (Ribbon), which draw great attention from art lovers, and because it has magnificent composition.

Another great master of Turkish contemporary art, Fahrelnisa Zeid’s “Mona” was sold for 750,000 liras. The work depicts one of Zeid’s best friends in the last years of her life, Mona Muasher. Last summer, Zeid became the first Turkish artist whose retrospective exhibition was opened at Tate Modern.

Some 130 pieces of artwork were put up for auction. Zeid’s other work “Naughty Boy (Nasser),” which depicts the son of one of her students and a rare portrait of a boy by Zeid, was sold for 600,000 liras.