Building erected by lifting jack leans again: Locals

Building erected by lifting jack leans again: Locals

Building erected by lifting jack leans again: Locals

Locals in the Black Sea province of Karabük have said, a building that became known nationwide for leaning after the floods on June 27, had leaned once before more than two decades ago and was erected with the help of a lifting jack.

“A building owned by two brothers in the Tır village of the Yenice district leaned after the June floods,” İHA News Agency reported on July 4.

The officials took a decision to demolish the building and the brothers “were sorry” to be forced to leave their structure.

“What is interesting is that this is not the first time the building leaned,” wrote the agency and added: “In another flood in 1988, it leaned and the two brothers erected the building with lifting jack.”

Several provinces in northern Türkiye were hit by floods late in June, two months short of the anniversary of a similar disaster that killed dozens in the Kastamonu province. No casualties were reported as raging waters inundated the districts of Kastamonu, Bartın, Sinop, Zonguldak and Bartın provinces.

The Black Sea region is prone to floods due to its rainy climate.

The “narrowed” bed of streams, the construction of residential buildings on the riverbeds are considered factors of calamities in the region, according to a Turkish police report.