British man walks free after killing his dog in Bodrum

British man walks free after killing his dog in Bodrum

MUĞLA – Doğan News Agency
British man walks free after killing his dog in Bodrum

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A British man in Bodrum who killed his dog by striking its head repeatedly, claiming that it was “old and would die soon anyway,” has been released after questioning.

The 48-year-old man, identified only as B.C., killed his dog “Kol” in the street as witnesses attempted to stop him. B.C. also allegedly attacked those who attempted to prevent him.

When a veterinarian came to the scene, the dog was already dead. Police were called to the scene and detained B.C., releasing him after issuing a 200-Turkish Lira fine for a legal misdemeanor.

Animal activists have demanded an amendment to the law, lamenting that the criminal code does not include punishments for the killing or torturing of animals. Such crimes are only punished as part of the law on misdemeanors and do not necessitate jail time.

B.C. settled in Bodrum, in the southwestern province of Muğla, 20 years ago and acquired the German Shepherd 12 years ago.

“I love dogs. I loved Kol, too, but it was old and sick and was going to die anyway. It dies of old age or this way, what’s the difference? Many people die every day and nobody reacts to that,” he said.

Mustafa Yılmaz, an artisan at a yacht building, said B.C. had worked in a yacht building jobs for several years and that they knew him as a good man who loves dogs.

“We were shocked to see him killing his dog this way. We attempted to save the wounded dog but he attacked us,” said Yılmaz.

Bodrum Animal Rights Association head Füsun Uslu complained that the man “will be free despite his cruelty because of the inaction of the Parliament in enforcing stricter punishments for violence against animals.”