Bosnian baby gets new lease on life in Turkey

Bosnian baby gets new lease on life in Turkey

ISTANBUL – Anadolu Agency
Bosnian baby gets new lease on life in Turkey

A Bosnian baby is on the road to vitality thanks to a cardiac surgery in Turkey.

Adijan — just 43 days old and having suffered from a congenital heart defect — underwent a successful operation in an Istanbul hospital.

After being brought to Turkey via medevac, Adijan underwent arterial switch surgery which lasted for almost five hours.

Turkish cardiologist Tayyar Sarıoğlu said on April 12 that due to his heart problem, Adijan had troubles breathing.

Sarıoğlu said they switched the veins feeding the infant’s heart.

“Now he is a baby with a normal heart. If we hadn’t operated on him in time, he would have lost his life. Now he gained a lifetime,” Sarıoğlu added.

The doctor said that during the surgery, they stopped Adijan’s heart — the size of a small walnut — for one-and-a-half hours.

Sarıoğlu added that Turkish doctors are experienced with such cardiac surgeries as they get patients from Turkey’s neighbors in the Middle East, Balkans, Central Asian countries, Turkish Cyprus, Ukraine, and Russia.

Medine Kahriman, the boy’s mother, said Adijan is now in good health.

“I thank our doctor for doing the surgery and the hospital staff, who took a close interest in us and for caring for my child. When my boy grows up, I will tell him about the care of Turkey and the hospital staff,” she said.

Adijan and his mother returned to Bosnia and Herzegovina on April 12.