Black Sea town to get canal with gondolas

Black Sea town to get canal with gondolas

Black Sea town to get canal with gondolas

A canal reminiscent of Venice is set to be built through Bartın River, whose 15 kilometers cut through the Black Sea province of Bartın’s city center.

The river is set to become a tourist destination in the city as it will include pedestrian bridges, fishing facilities, parks, hiking areas, recreation, camping and bungalows zones, and, of course, gondola-like cruising boats.

With its unique fauna, flora and vegetation, the river will contribute to the economy, tourism and culture in the city, said Sinan Güner, governor of Bartın.

However, the realization of the project is expected to take several years.

Noting that parks, pedestrian bridges and a pier to which boats can be docked will be constructed, Güner added that everything will come to life in line with the protection plan.

“We will not consume this 7,000-year history in seven years, we will carry it to another 7,000 years,” Güner said, noting that the first traces of life around the river date back to 5,000 B.C.

Tourists travelling the western Black Sea region had dropped by Bartın in recent years due to its proximity to popular destinations like Safranbolu and Amasra.