Bear attack victim families compensated after 'PKK defense'

Bear attack victim families compensated after 'PKK defense'

Bear attack victim families compensated after PKK defense

Hürriyet Photo

Two Turkish ministries have been forced to pay a compensation penalty by a Erzurum court to the family of a woman who was killed in a bear attack last year, after the lawyer pointed out that the government compensates the families of people killed by suspected members of outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), daily Radikal reported yesterday.  

Two lawsuits were filed by lawyer Sadullah Kara against the Forest and Water Affairs Ministry and the Interior Ministry on charges that they did not take appropriate measures to protect locals from wild animals in the region, after two people were killed by bears in the eastern province of Erzurum.  

Those killed in the bear attacks had no personal hostility with animals as people killed in PKK attacks do not have with militants, the lawyer reportedly said in defense during the trial.

"[The families of] those killed in PKK attacks are paid compensation," Kara said. "People killed in such attacks have no personal hostility with PKK members, just as my clients' deceased did not have hostility with bears under government protection."  

The two ministries will reportedly pay a total of 60,000 Turkish Liras to the family of one of the victims. Another lawsuit is reportedly ongoing