Band regals audience on 40th anniversary

Band regals audience on 40th anniversary

ISTANBUL- Anadolu Agency
Band regals audience on 40th anniversary

 A Turkish band Yeni Türkü celebrated its 40th-anniversary, by regaling music lovers with a concert on Sept. 29, in the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul.       

The band that came up in 1978, performed their iconic songs at the Vadi Açıkhava (Valley of Open Air) in Ayazağa district of Istanbul.       

Yeni Türkü sang 30 of their songs including Maskeli Balo, Telli Telli, Yağmurun Elleri, during the concert, organized by the Atlantis Production.       

Many Turkish popular singers such as Cahit Berkay, Kenan Doğulu, Şevval Sam and Cem Adrian also performed to the notes of the band, to mark its 40th anniversary.       

Yeni Türkü was formed by Derya Köroğlu, Zerrin Yaşar and Selim Atakan in 1978.       

The band has a unique place in Turkish music, because of its skills to draw notes using a combination of traditional and modern musical instruments.       

 “They are also the masters of harmonizing Turkish folk music instruments including the oud, kamancheh, bağlama, qanun, and guitar, “say music lovers.     

The band is well-known in Turkey and abroad with its many heart-melting and universal tones.       

The Chile-based folk band Inti-Illimani influenced by Yeni Türkü's debut album Buğdayın Türküsü (Song of Wheat) in 1979.