Balbay vows to fight against unlawfulness and injustice

Balbay vows to fight against unlawfulness and injustice

Balbay vows to fight against unlawfulness and injustice

Mustafa Balbay leaves Sincan Prison with his wife, Gülşah Balbay and his daughter, Yağmur. DAILY NEWS photo, Selahattin Sönmez

Jailed deputy and journalist Mustafa Balbay has said he will fight against "all injustice," following his release from prison on the night of Dec. 9.

Speaking outside the prison after his release, Balbay said he would particularly take on the duty of supporting the freedom of prisoners subject to unjust treatment and lengthy detentions.

“I feel responsible for the tens, even hundreds of detainees seeking justice, as I am the one who has now closed the doors on them,” he said.

“The process we are passing through is not one about which to say, ‘let’s forget everything and wipe the slate clean.’ But this is not a process in which to bear grudges either,” Balbay added, ending his remarks by declaring “hello to freedom and hello to Turkey.”

At present six jailed lawmakers, several mayors, and tens of Gezi Park protesters, journalists, lawyers and soldiers are in prison, Balbay recalled, adding that he hoped his release would be a "fresh start to remove such rights violations."

After leaving prison, Balbay traveled to his house in Ankara’s Yüzüncüyıl district, followed by a long convoy of supporters. His neighbors also welcomed him with applause and embraced him, and he was barely able to reach his home because of the size of the crowd and the huge media attention that had gathered.