Artist brings back the roughnecks of the Ottoman

Artist brings back the roughnecks of the Ottoman

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Artist brings back the roughnecks of the Ottoman

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Head Drawingstore (Kafa Çizimhane), a new design atelier started in Ankara, is about to launch its new exhibiton, “The Ottoman Slap,” at Siyah Beyaz Gallery in Ankara.

Artist Beril Ateş will kick off the atelier’s first exhibiton called “The Ottoman Slap” on Jan. 21 at the Siyah Beyaz Gallery on Kavaklıdere Street in Ankara.

Ateş earned herself a spot in the top five in Poster 4 Tomorrow’s competition on freedom of expression in 2009. She recently spoke to the Hürriyet Daily News about her third, and Head Drawingstore’s first-ever, exhibition.

Roughnecks are an aspect of that period and maybe one of the most important one to be restudied,” Ateş said.

"That’s why I engraved the forgotten roughnecks on scarves. The exhibiton though is not only about roughnecks. I depicted Sultan Süleyman and Hürrem on some works as well,” Ateş told the Daily News.

Artist brings back the roughnecks of the Ottoman      Artist brings back the roughnecks of the Ottoman

Scarves stemming from the notion of roughnecks coming from the ordinary people hang over the walls. Ateş said those visiting the exhibiton would experience the roughnecks as if they were passing through Ottoman days.

The exhibition does not only feature scarves. A specially designed armchair is also a part of the collection. Ateş said she thought of designing furniture but had to postpone.

“First off, I plan to take this exhibition to Istanbul. I have bagdes and earrings designed for ‘The Ottoman Slap’ besides the scarves. I will display those in time as well,” she told Daily News.

“I always draw human beings – every time a different human being and a different head. Everyone has a different mind. I’m in a different mindset. Everyone is different in mindset. KAFA will reflect each and every mindset,” Ateş said.

Beril Ateş graduate from Bilkent University Graphic Design. She has been drawing since age 2. She frequently visits exhibitions. In times of intense feelings, drawing, for her, is like exposing herself on paper rather than to people. Drawing enables her to relax and keeps her mind off things. She likes it a lot. Titled “PEOPLE,” she has opened two personal illustration exhibitions in Ankara and Istanbul.

“The Ottoman Slap” exhibition will continue until Feb. 9 at the Siyah Beyaz Gallery in Ankara.

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